Youth Media Diversity Partnerships

This weekend SYN Media held the first radio intensive training day as part of the Youth Media Diversity Partnership program with the support Helen McPherson Smith Trust.

Day 1 was stimulating and included the bi-monthly gathering of the I CAN Network at the House of SYN.

The aims of the program are to:
1) Provide media skills, opportunity and platforms to young people from under-represented youth disability groups.

2) Develop a Disability Action Plan and entrench long term partnerships with disability organisations so SYN can be accessible and open to young people with disabilities.

Though this project SYN Media will work with a range of youth groups and disability organisations includings the ICAN Network to develop resources that are suitable for young people with a range of disabilities.

Examples of potential resources include audio versions of training manuals, large print educational materials and captioned training videos. In collaboration with our partners we will also develop a long-term Disability Action Plan, which will ensure the outcomes of this project are sustainable and can be adopted by the organisation more broadly.

The youth groups or organisations that we collaborate with for this project will each receive:
– Two days of tailored intensive radio and media training to build their skills as radio presenters, producers and content makers.
– One day of content development training to assist the group to devise and prepare their own unique radio program.
– The in-studio support of a SYN trainer for a full SYN live radio season of 10-12 weeks.
– A year’s SYN membership for each participant.

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