Multifaith Perspectives – September 2014.

SYN Multifaith Perspectives Program

This weekend young people of diverse faith backgrounds enjoyed a two day intensive radio training workshop as part of the Multifaith Perspectives Program that will see an exciting new radio show on air in season 4 (October- December 2014)

The project’s aim is to provide free radio and media training AND the opportunity to promote understanding and acceptance in the community on a live radio show produced and presented by young people of diverse faith.

Participants receive:

– free radio and media training

– The opportunity to be part of a weekly radio program Saturday afternoons on SYN Radio

– producing and presenting content of their choice.

– 1 year SYN membership and support

– A chance to make new friends, learn new skills and have fun as part of the SYN community

With no prior radio experience necessary, this is a great opportunity for young people of diverse faith to be heard.

This project is supported by funding from the Victorian Multicultural Commission under their “Promoting Harmony – Multifaith/Interfaith Grants”


Our Diversity Programs provide a unique mix of confidence building, life and job-ready skills and a platform for your voice in the community.

Call or email Diversity Programming Coordinator, Danae Gibson, to find out more.
03 9925 4192


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