Diversity Programming on SYN Media

Season 2 is well under way and the crews from Mayibuye and Wanderlust Melbourne are having a great time on air with just a few weeks left of their program for 2014.  Each Saturday morning is filled with dance, politics, humour and music as the shows presenters share their view on life in Melbourne.  Tune in to 90.7FM from 10am to hear more.

We’re really looking forward to hearing what the members of the teams do next at SYN Media.

We will have some flash new pics to show off soon, after the in-studio shoot by Finbar O’Mallon at the weekend.  Watch this space.

In the meantime, here is a photo of the photographer taking photos!

Diversity Programming at SYN Media.

Diversity Programming at SYN Media.



And links to the the latest podcasts from Mayibuye and Wanderlust Melbourne.

Thanks to the City of Melbourne for supporting the International Students Perspectives program and the Department of Human Services for support of the Cultural Partnerships Program at SYN Media.


Our Diversity Programs provide a unique mix of confidence building, life and job-ready skills and a platform for your voice in the community.

Call or email DiversityProgramming Coordinator, Danae Gibson, to find out more.

03 9925 4192