Raise the Platform 21 June 2014 – community access

The crew of Raise the Platform have conducted some great interviews since first going to air on SYN in July 2013.

Here is another … a chat with Kathryn Beaton about her Guide Dog, Zeke.

Zeke has a Facebook page here (of course!) and you can stay up to date with the Jazzy the Adventure Chair here too!

Raise the Platform is a seasonal program at SYN Media that began as Diversity Program with the support of YDAS

Our Diversity Programs provide a unique mix of confidence building, life and job-ready skills and a platform for your voice in the community.

Call or email DiversityProgramming Coordinator, Danae Gibson, to find out more.

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Diversity Programming on SYN Media

Season 2 is well under way and the crews from Mayibuye and Wanderlust Melbourne are having a great time on air with just a few weeks left of their program for 2014.  Each Saturday morning is filled with dance, politics, humour and music as the shows presenters share their view on life in Melbourne.  Tune in to 90.7FM from 10am to hear more.

We’re really looking forward to hearing what the members of the teams do next at SYN Media.

We will have some flash new pics to show off soon, after the in-studio shoot by Finbar O’Mallon at the weekend.  Watch this space.

In the meantime, here is a photo of the photographer taking photos!

Diversity Programming at SYN Media.

Diversity Programming at SYN Media.



And links to the the latest podcasts from Mayibuye and Wanderlust Melbourne.

Thanks to the City of Melbourne for supporting the International Students Perspectives program and the Department of Human Services for support of the Cultural Partnerships Program at SYN Media.


Our Diversity Programs provide a unique mix of confidence building, life and job-ready skills and a platform for your voice in the community.

Call or email DiversityProgramming Coordinator, Danae Gibson, to find out more.

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2013: A year of media learning at SYN

Participants of SYN's "Raise The Platform"

Participants of SYN’s “Raise The Platform”

2013 has been an amazing year for the Media Learning Department at SYN Media. We’ve taught hundreds of keen new SYN volunteers and thousands of participants from schools and community groups. We aim to teach media skills and provide access to media platforms for young people all across the community. Here are some of our 2013 highlights:

Queer Youth on Air

Supported by the HEY grants program SYN launched Queer Youth on Air – a summer training program for young people from LGBTIQ backgrounds.

Schools on Air

With the support of the Victorian Department of Education’s Strategic Partnerships Program and the Community Broadcasting Foundation we had another huge year of our Schools on Air program delivering radio shows, tours and workshops with over 3000+ students. You can hear some of their best work with the Best of Schools on Air podcast. We also won the “Excellence in Training” award at the 2013 CBAA awards.

Oxfam and Change Reaction

Change Reaction

We partnered with Oxfam on Change Reaction – a program to  encourage discussion about international aid and development amongst young Australians. Hear their work here.

Regional training

3WAY Training

We delivered training to young people at 3WAY in Warrnambool and EMFM in Echuca and assisted regional community radio stations in applying for the Victorian Government’s Be Heard grants program.

Radio and TV/Screen Training

Tim Training

Our Radio and TV/Screen training team inducted and trained over 40-50 young people per month into the SYN Media community. Our Information Nights regularly booked out throughout the year. Anyone 12-25 can volunteer in 2014 too: http://www.syn.org.au/getinvolved

Paper Fire

Paper Fire

In partnership with Express Media, 100 Story Building and Footscray Primary School we produced Paper Fire – radio plays written and produced by primary school students. Read a great summary of the launch event from 100 Story Building here.

YDAS and Raise The Platform

Raise The Platform

The Youth Disability Advocacy Service (YDAS) and SYN partnered on Raise The Platform –  a platform for young people to advocate for and share experiences of young people with disabilities. You can hear some of their podcasts here.

Interfaith/Multifaith programming – Unscriptured and Intersection


With support from the Victorian Multicultural Commission we farewelled Unscriptured after a great year of multifaith/interfaith discussion and welcomed Intersection to our programming. Both programs trained young people from diverse faith backgrounds in radio and media skills. Intersection will continue to be on air in 2014.

This is the Face of Australia’s Media

We celebrated our volunteers with “This is the Face of Australia’s Media” –  a showcase of the many types of young people who volunteer at SYN. Find out more at http://www.syn.org.au/ThisIsTheFace

Conferences, presentations and more


We spoke at a number of conferences and events across the year including Berry Street’s Good Childhood Conference, the Foundation for Young Australian’s Change It Up program and presenting Youth Engagement Forums across regional Victoria.


And on a personal note – it all wouldn’t be possible without our wonderful volunteers, trainees, trainers, office staff, teachers, support workers, partners, supporters, advocates, mentors and you! So many people in the community make SYN and our media learning programs a reality and we can’t wait to learn, grow, challenge, experiment and innovate even more in 2014. Thank you for your support.

-JB (Jonathan Brown – Education and Training Manager)

If you’d like to work with SYN Media Learning in 2014 you can find out more at http://www.syn.org.au/learn. Our office will be closed from December 21 to January 5.

Multifaith Perspectives Program

SYN Media Learning is offering a great opportunity for young people of diverse faith backgrounds.

The program offers free radio and media training and the opportunity to contribute to a regular multifaith program on SYN.

You can find more information and application details at http://syn.org.au/MultifaithPerspectives – Anyone 12-25 can apply and applications close Thursday September 19.

Our Access Programs provide a unique mix of confidence building, life and job-ready skills and a platform for your voice in the community.

Call or email Access Programming Coordinator, Danae Gibson, to find out more.

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Understanding Diversity: Working with SSASGD Young People of CALD Backgrounds

Sharpening our skills and strengthening networks is super important to the SYN Media Education & Training department.

Today we enjoyed being the ‘participants’ rather than the ‘facilitators’ as our Manager, Radio Trainer and Access Programming Coordinator took part in a workshop staged by the Rainbow Network.

The Rainbow Network Victoria is a terrific support to workers facilitating groups for same sex attracted young people across Victoria.

The Network is a usually a virtual place to exchange ideas, information and resources but today’s workshop was a chance to meet folk and work through some practical applications of  Understanding Diversity.

Today we talked. And listened. And shared stories.

Thanks to Victorian AIDS Council/Gay Men’s Health Centre Educator, Budi Sudarto and his team for bringing the butcher’s paper and the treats and to Lian Low for sharing the power of story telling.

3 hours flew by, and 300 words here wont do it justice.

If you are working with young people and would like to know more about working with Same Sex Attracted young people of Culturally & Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds, perhaps consider joining the network?

No one proclaimed to know all the answers today but the questions raised, the skills shared and the conversation that flowed were empowering.


SYN provides opportunities for youth, community and cultural groups to access SYN’s radio, television and online platforms.   Our Access Programs provide a unique mix of confidence building, life and job-ready skills and a platform for your voice in the community.  Call or email Access Programming Coordinator, Danae Gibson, to find out more.

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Vine and Instagram as teaching tools


Recently SYN Media Learning delivered a one day film making workshop with school holiday participants at the City of Casey‘s Winter Arts Program in Melbourne’s outer suburbs.

Over the course of the day participants delivered 3 mini film festivals with the assistance of SYN Trainers Travis and JB.



The day started with a 6 second film festival using a set of iPod Touches and the Vine app. Participants were given iPod touches and shown examples of 6 second films from the Tribeca Film Festival.

The films created ranged from short form jokes, stop motion animation, “extreme” sports and allowed participants to explore some of the basics of film making within a short, achievable boundary.

Following the 6 second film festival participants were challenged to create a 15 second film using the Instagram app or create a story through a series of Vine videos. This introduced the group to more complex storytelling and filming techniques, but still within the achievable constraints of 15 seconds and some basic technology.

After a lunch break the group was then tasked with creating films up to 2 minutes using their iPod touches and Windows Live Movie Maker. Films were given a screening at the end of the day with a wide range of interesting results. Participants managed to produce some varied and interesting stories over the space of the day.

Strengths of this model

– iPod touches were easy to use and teach. The majority of participants picked them up and used them with ease.

– The simplicity of Vine and Instagram video made for excellent teaching tools. They allowed for film making technique to be taught progressively and in simple, easy to understand steps.

– The Tribeca Film Festival provided a great source of inspiration for this teaching model – Clear and practical examples of what can be achieved are a must.

– Most participants had already experimented with Windows Live Movie Maker or a variation of the program in their own homes. This meant that minimal instruction was required throughout the editing process.

– The structure of the day worked well with three short “film festivals” and screenings after each section. This gave a lot of variety to the day.


– iPod touches are easy to teach, but stabilisation and audio quality is an issue.

– Levels of skill can be very divergent within a group. Group selection is important and needs to be well managed and curated.

– When creating the longer films – participants need a strong sense of boundaries, structure and time frame otherwise the filming/editing process can blow out.

– As with any workshop involving online tools it’s useful to have backup plans in place for internet access and resources. For this workshop we used tethered 4G internet as a backup due to unavailable wireless internet.

– People power: Often we work with schools where students already have pre-existing relationships with each other – for a school holiday program it was important for us to have 2 trainers to manage group dynamics.

Casey Workshop


We had a great time working with this group. Using the tools Vine and Instagram was a great way to build up the skills and creativity of participants gradually over the course of the day. The apps are simple, but allow participants of varying skills and abilities to use their creativity and create stories at different levels of complexity suitable to their pre-existing skills and knowledge.


SYN Media Learning delivers workshops in a wide range of media skills across Victoria. Find out more at http://www.syn.org.au/learn